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Going to adjust our 3rd target for our Bitcoin trade we entered back on March 3rd at 5750 to just under the 12k level.  If you want you can let it ride a little more if you want, 12,250 can trade.

For those new we do not often adjust targets, but in this case we have been patient for months and it is setting up for a rally into the 12k area.  We are going to let our winner ride a little more.

Obviously not everyone can monitor the market 24/7 so for those that are on cruise control, or can’t monitor often, like myself, we have target levels pre-entered.  This way we do not have to worry about it tapping the target, and then pulling back.

Remember the target level was initially based on the structure from early March, so we do not mind adjusting it as the market plays out.  This was more of a position trade than a swing trade.

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