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This is a little more costly of an options trade, but I like the R:R of it with a market at an inflection point and showing some signs of weakness.  This is much less risky than shorting the stock outright and though I think an infrastructure bill is already priced into the stock, unlikely to see anything till after the first of the year and the new administration.

If you are new to options, as this one is a rather large contract ($1050) probably best to paper trade or sit out.  Obviously we are not going to hold it if it goes against us very much but the reward is about 3:1 if it plays out.

As we are in the money the premium is very little for 3 weeks of time so better trade setup than shorting outright.  Get a $20 gap on some rare news event, we can only lose $1050 on this trade which again would be a rare event.

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