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Going to go ahead and take advantage of price levels and trim a little more risk out of the market.  We are now up 284% since we started the portfolio, we have a total of 36k invested into crypto, have pulled 24700 out and this takes our risk to zero plus a little extra, and we are sitting on free coins.

Trim 0.25 BTC @ $48,000  adding 12k in cash to our cash position and leaving us with 2 Bitcoin.

Trim 10 LTC @ 210 adding $2100 to our cash position leaving us with 5 LTC

Our initial capital was a little over 36k we put into the market, we now are sitting on nearly 39k in cash removing all our initial risk plus just under 10%, and we now have free inventory.

This was our goal from the beginning, and we are starting the cycle all over.  At this point if we move into the high 50’s or potentially the 60’s we will take another trim, further putting cash into our account.

We will use the free capital for swing and position trades, and I will be leaving any profits in Bitcoin slowly increasing my free stack.  For those of you that are new, it is not over, markets cycle, we are entering in my opinion the final phase of the bull run, maybe we push 100k, but I want to have cash if we happen to pullback into the 20’s which is very feasible if the markets sell.

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