Frequently Asked Questions

What does Green Bridge Investing provide?

Green Bridge Investing offers short term trading signals and longer term investment ideas across stocks and options, cryptocurrencies, forex and cfds. These ideas are delivered through SMS text, email and chat room updates.

Does Green Bridge send out trades every day?

NO. We do not provide any type of action oriented high frequency trades. 1 - 2 trades per WEEK per market is a reasonable expectation. It is possible to go a week or two with no trade signals in a particular market. Frequency does depend on market conditions. We will NOT share signals or ideas for the sake of maintaining attention, or to satisfy any hunger for action. This also applies when a market may be trending strongly while not meeting our risk parameters.

Does Green Bridge investing manage customer funds?

NO. We do not operate any type of investment fund and do not manage customer capital. Our trades and investments are backed by our own personal capital.

Why doesn't Green Bridge short Bitcoin or any related alt coins?

In order to keep our risk within a particular scope, we have chosen NOT to play the short side of this particular space, EVEN during bearish periods. The associated risks of using leverage, along with the lack of regulation in this space are NOT aligned with our risk tolerance. Although this may limit some opportunities, we are still able to produce a track record of consistent returns which IS in line with our overall objective. We do operate short positions in other markets like stocks, options, forex and cfds.

How much capital is best to begin trading and investing following your strategies and ideas?

For short term strategies such as swing trading, a minimum of 5000 U.S. Dollars is suggested. For longer term strategies, such as position trades or investments, a minimum of 2,500 U.S. Dollars is suggested. These are not requirements, but in order to get the greatest value for your subscription, these are the amounts we feel are best. You can invest with or trade with less, but that is ultimately your choice.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. We offer a 7 day free trial for all of our service packages. If you do not cancel by the 7th day, your credit card or Paypal account will be charged each month until you cancel.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Who is Dave Connelly?

Dave Connelly is an experienced trader and investor who joined our team in March of 2019. He has been an active investor for over a decade and has developed a stock screening process that is based on technical analysis. He operates Dave's Aggressive Stocks Room which offers a real time online text chat where he shares his picks and answers questions each week day.

Can I join Green Bridge as a signal provider and grow a subscriber base?

Yes. We are interested in providing more strategies, markets and signal providers for our members.

Contact us at [email protected] with your track record, philosophy and bio and we will get back to you.