Our Philosophy

Greenbridge Investing Has a Simple Focus in Mind

Generate REALISTIC and sustainable returns over time. In order to achieve this, our strategies are more DEFENSIVE in nature. This means our investments, position trades and swing trades will tend to be less frequent, more selective, and sized in ways that will not put disproportionate amounts of our capital at risk. This is a signal and research service, which is not to be confused with any type of fund. We do not manage anyone else’s money. We manage our own model portfolios, provide ideas and examples of how we manage to grow our own capital through a variety of strategies and markets.

Our best practices include:

  • Following a specific technical process.
  • Accumulating at wholesale prices, distributing at retail prices.
  • Evaluating reward/risk based on proportional support and resistance levels.
  • Using sentiment tools to gauge contrarian opportunities.
  • Evaluating broader context such as larger time frames, economic variables, and other fundamental variables.

It takes a substantial amount of experience, skill and patience to swiftly steer members through a down trending market. Green Bridge strategically limited our exposure without entirely excluding us from the market. Their focus is on asymmetrical investments; diversification across multiple asset classes, thereby increasing our chances of profitability.

~ Marc Principato

Why This Matters

As a member, it is important to understand our philosophy because it will provide a realistic set of expectations. If you are looking for an action oriented, trade every day type of service, you will not find that here. Our greatest value is in how we stand aside and WAIT for high probability opportunities, even though they do not always produce a positive outcome. You can expect 1-2 trades per week IN VARIOUS MARKETS. Our win rate varies but fluctuates around 40 to 50% for our shorter term swing trade strategies, and around 70 to 80% for our longer term position trade strategies. What produces a consistent return is not the win rate, it is a product of our defensive mindset and relentless effort to preserve capital. What good are profits if you can't keep them?

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