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Are you an experienced stock investor looking to add high dividend paying companies to your portfolio while capitalzing on short term market trends? Perhaps you’re a newly minted cryptocurrency trader looking for some exposure to the stock market? Maybe you’re a forex trader eager for more setups in the commodity markets through CFDs? No matter how you put your capital to work, if more opportunities are your thing, we’ve got you covered.

Before You Jump In.

All of our strategies utilize technical analysis, while our long term ideas are based on fundamentals. Either way, we thoroughly explain the reasoning behind every signal and potential investment.

Active Investor

It is reasonable to expect 1 - 2 new ideas PER WEEK, which can come from any of the markets we cover. For example, Bitcoin may not offer any trade setups for weeks, while the forex and stock markets are full of new opportunities.

We carefully consider the risks involved in our strategies and ideas before we share them with our members. It is important to note:

This subscription does NOT include day trade strategies.
We employ LONG ONLY strategies for Cryptocurrencies (NO BITCOIN SHORTS).
Capital preservation is our primary objective for short term strategies, NOT outsized returns.
Forex pairs focus on the majors (crossed with U.S. Dollar).
CFDs include Gold, SIlver, Oil, S&P500 and Nasdaq 100.
*CFD stands for Contract For Difference.
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