Daves Aggressive Stocks Portfolio currently has 8 open positions, 6 have not reached T1 and are exposed to the Risk of suffering a loss. I consider this to be “over exposed” and as such, am not interested in taking a new trade until the exposure is reduced.

However, our members may be want more trade ideas.

With this in mind, here are 3 new Trade Ideas for consideration….








Have a Plan, Trade that Plan, Manage Risk and Take Profits

We never know with 100% certainty which trades will be winners or losers.

It is recommended to control your Account`s Risk exposure by using this Position Sizing formula:
Account Size x 1% , divided by Trade Risk = Position Size

I always recommend some profit be taken at the Target Levels by selling a portion of the shares, i like to sell off 25% at each T level, the remaining 25% is allowed to run until stopped out. However, some traders may choose a different ratio or they may choose to hold for the entire trade duration, it really is ones personal choice.

The Stoploss will be raised periodically, if the price moves in our favor.

BuyStop = wait until price reaches this level before entering

David is a swing trader with over 15 years of experience in the equities markets.
A promoter of proper Risk Management thru Position Sizing.
His aggressive style has a conservative twist focused on trend reversal setups.

His Trade Ideas are perfect for active investors who are looking for short term technical plays but do not have the time to monitor dozens of stocks or develop a sound strategy. Dave is also available and happy to answer your questions in real time.

Membership Includes:
-Swing Trades
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