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Starting to step into the market here on this pullback as sentiment sours and I am starting to hear of Armageddon from friends.

Using 5% of my cash for each of the following:

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Using 2% of my Cash to buy some Solana

Total of about 7% of my cash position.

Also buying some stocks here.

I DCA monthly into John Deere ($150) and am adding $500 as a one time purchase. We push lower will add more.

The following stocks I am buying using about 2% of my cash position for each.  So a total of 6% of my cash position.

SWKS – Skyworks  –  12 FPE with a 1.5% dividend

AMAT – Applied Materials – 17 FPE with a 0.5% dividend

ABNB – AirBnB – 102FPE with great growth and low overhead

I will be looking to add more but we are trying to catch a falling knife and there is still some room to run lower so stepping in slowly here.


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