Trading chart patterns is more than just learning to recognize a geometrical shape on your price chart. Patterns contain underlying behavioral information about the herd mentality that can help to anticipate opportunities, or to better manage risk. This webinar will explore the simplest but most important chart patterns from the behavioral perspective.

How Well Do You Know Your Classic Chart Patterns?

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Title: How To Trade Classic Chart Patterns.

When: Sunday, July 26th.

Time: 3 PM EDT.

When starting out, many traders and investors will first encounter chart patterns. The double bottom, the head and shoulders, the cup and handle, etc. Can they be used as part of an effective trading or investing strategy? Do you need to know them all? Why do they unfold the way they do anyway? These are the questions I will address as I demonstrate effective ways to anticipate and trade a particular set of classic chart patterns that every trader and investor should be familiar with.

The session will be about 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of question and answer.


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See you at the webinar!


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